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Agust 7, 2010 Capetown Racing ~ Light-sport floatplane that's a joy to fly

April 10, 2010
On April 13th Sun N Fun Starts! FPNA is Located in the Light Sport Mall and at Commercial 29-30. The Cape Town and the Vulcan will visit the commercial area this year, with the venerable Valor in the light sport mall, (you might even get a glimpse at Airborne's New Tundra XT912 at the show as FPNA is the first to have one in the USA!) Come one come all have fun in the Sun with FPNA!

March 26, 2010
The fpna capetown is the FIRST lsa sea and or amphib aircraft in australia! It will be making its debute at the Tamoura airshow in australia on easter weekend. It is one of the largest airshows in australia. Fpna's Australian agent is silver wings aviation will be showing the aircraft. The aircraft is currently at Moorabin airport near melbourne australia.

January 18, 2010
Welcome to the new year! It is time again, the Sebring Expo is from the 21-24th of January, come see us! Come see the new and exciting Airbourne XT-912 Tundra Aircraft, the first of its kind in the USA! The venerable Valor and of course the Flagship of FPNA the Cape Town on the incredible Waterborne float system. Fun is to be had by all. Freedom with Wings!

June 2, 2009
Aero-TV: FPNA's Capetown -- Floating Freedom With Wings, click here to watch

May 30, 2009
Blair & John- Shawn Okun Don Thomason Dick Marshal- FPNA Blair & John chat with Shawn, Don & Dick of FPNA about their line of aircraft. click here for the interview

May 2009 Today's Pilot Magazine

April 2009 Ultra flight Magazine

March 2009 Aero Connection Magazine

February 2, 2009
Southern Maine Aviation has accepted delivery of its second aircraft from FPNA. The Cape Town, which debut its all new Waterborne Float system series 1600's, was show at the Sebring Expo, and was a great success. You will see and hear much more about the Cape town and the Waterborne floats as the media coverage was extensive. Read all about the Cape Town on By Dan Johnson, Ultraflight magazine and Plane and Pilot. Demonstrations flights are available at Southern Main Aviation, Clearwater Airpark or at the FPNA factory in Sebring Florida.

January 28, 2009
FPNA’s Clearwater Airpark Maintenance center has completed its training and is open for Rotax® repairs. Now the largest light sport maintenance facility that we know of in the USA, the Clearwater Maintenance facility can take care of all your light sport needs, as well as any General aviation needs you may have. Staffed with ALL A & P mechanics and 2 AI’s Clearwater airpark is where you need to be for safety and fun.

January 26, 2009
FPNA’s Clearwater Airpark, a flight school located in Clearwater has just added yet another Valor to its fleet. The valor was first introduced in September at the flight school and has been a great success with students and instructors alike. For more information on the flight park please check out the website at www.clearwaterairpark.com

January 24, 2009
FPNA is proud to be partnering with Cub . Cub is one of the more recognized aircraft in the industry and have stated they want to used the Waterborne floats on their aircraft. After its S-LSA approval of the Waterborne LSA compliant floats on their S-LSA aircraft additional opportunities for customers will exist to straight floats and Amphibious floats to cub owners and FPNA customers alike. Waterborne floats have already been fitted to other LSA aircraft and are available in Kit form.

January 22, 2009
FPNA introduces its new Waterbone Float System “Series 1600’s” at the Sebring Expo. These total New floats are made from e-glass and Kevlar with Corecell foam for strength. They have ball bearing points for mounting thus preventing corrosion of the material under the glassed in areas. With Sealed Bulk Heads and wheels that retract into an opening within the Float for the Amphibious float system these floats are quite and achievement. They have been introduced on FPNA’s Cape town Aircraft.

August 20, 2008
: FPNA continues its expansion with the opening of its new Flight school and Maintenance center in Clearwater Florida. The Clearwater airport is centrally located and well situated to server the large population base of the Tampa bay area.. Assuming the management of an already going business FPNA will be able to build upon the existing customer base and is expand the light sport services to this airport. Service for ALL rotax engines will be available and ALL light sport aircraft are welcome! In addition to Maintenance, The flight school which is 141 certified caters to domestic as well as international students, and services ALL manner of licenses from the casual flyer to the serious professional. FPNA is your “Freedom with Wings”.

July 28, 2008: At Oshkosh FPNA made a big splash with the discussions on the New ROTOMAX Rotary Engine. This engine promises to change quite a few things in Aviation, and FPNA has the honor to be one of the Independent testing companies. It plans to fit out an FPNA Valor later in the year of 2008 with hopes of its debut at the Sebring Expo in Sebring Florida

July 25, 2008: FPNA is proud to welcome Mike Hudetz and the Cushing field family to the FPNA Family as a FPNA Valor makes its home in the Chicago land area

March 31,-2008
S-LSA Cape town will be at Sun N Fun on static display at the Light airplane exhibits booth 51 and the splash in located at Fantasy of flight on Friday the 11th.

Sun N FUN is April 08-13 come and enjoy the fun! See the the Valor, go for a test fly, Fly trikes, FPNA carries a full line of Airborne Trikes, Fly the new Merlin Wing. See the Waterborne Floats, it is all happening at Sun N Fun in Lake land, Florida.

January 03-2008
During this month FPNA has some new surprises with our Floatplanes and Amphibs come see us at the Sebring Expo January 17-20th at the Sebring Airport!

December 2007
Have a wonderful Holiday Season from all of us at the FPNA Family:

November 2007
FPNA has New night time package added to the Valor, come see for yourself. Eagle eye Aviation, has featured our aircraft on its website, with incredible photos of our line-up of aircraft.

October 2007
FPNA has just certified its first aircraft in Australia, This has been thanks to all the people working with us on the Gold coast to accomplish this task. For those of you visiting Australia, or for our existing customers in Australia, please check out the website and the aircraft while “down Under”

Sept 17, 2007
LSA West has decided to add the Valor to it line up of Fine aircraft. LSA West headed up by the fine team in Salinas will also be at the Aircraft spruce show, come see our latest aircraft. LSA west will cover the California market for FPNA

July 31, 2007
FPNA Now has a new dealer in the Houston area! Some come on down and see us.

July 01, 2007
FPNA will be at Air adventure this year, The valor will make it first appearance at this show.

May 06, 2007
Scott Johnson of US Airborne from Washington state is the latest to join the FPNA family. Scott's commitment to the “Waterborne” line of floats has made him and important part to FPNA’s expansion plans to the west. Scott is know for his fantastic photo’s of his long haul trike trips, Waterborne Floats will allow for Amphibious excursions as well.

May 04, 2007
With the Newest ASTM proposal, should the consensus standings hold, the Newly to be released FPNA Amphibious aircraft may very well be the first S-LSA amphib that was not achieved using any exemptions. FPNA as many in the industry are waiting for the final ruling.

May 01, 2007
Another financing capability has been added to the list of funders for the newest Special light sport in the market FPNA’s A-22 Valor. The strong support that the financial community shows for this aircraft is another reason FPNA believes this aircraft is the correct aircraft for the time in the Light Sport Market place.

April 08, 2007
Arm Aero lift Aircraft lift is fully functional at the Assembly headquarters for FPNA. The new Aircraft lift is being used for additional build space in the final assembly hanger for floatplanes and amphibs. Not only is FPNA a reseller of this fine product but practical use dictates FPNA purchase.

April 02, 2007
Floatplanes and Amphibs LLC represents the Sebring Airport, with the Airport Authority and SaTS Air in Tallahassee for “Highland County” days. The showing went well with Legislators and Senators alike looking at the Quality of Aircraft. FPNA brought the A-22 Valor and an Airborne Edge to Tallahassee, with the Edge in front of the Capital Building

March 31, 2007
Floatplanes and Amphibs LLC achieves the status of S-LSA certification for it A-22 Valor. This aircraft will be available in several formats. The first basic VFR will be called the “Bristol” The second Advanced VFR will be called the “Sebring”, the instrument school model will be called the “Hampton” All aircraft are VFR day certified and Night and or IFR certification are possible. The ASTM process has been quite lengthy and was fully audited by S.A.F.E. The Orlando MIDO did the official certification.

March 01, 2007
Floatplanes and Amphibs LLC signs agreement with Arm Aerospace to be a reseller of the Armaerolift.

February 24, 2007

The A-24 Viking has gained its airworthiness certification for demonstration and Air shows. Amphibious from inception, the “Flying Boat” Concept has been around for years. As a lightweight composite and Stainless steel construction the performance of this aircraft is spectacular. Please visit the FPNA website, Sebring or the Sun N Fun to see the aircraft.

January 15, 2007
New Special Light Sport Aircraft to be released soon. this aircraft will be based on the A-22 Valor. All testing is now complete all that stands between and S-LSA version of the Valor is the final assembly points and an inspection.

January 11, 2007
Sebring Expo: FPNA Announces Amphibious Landing gear for Weight-shift Aircraft now available. Designed specifically for the Airborne Series of Trikes. The Amphibious gear are electrically actuated and Pneumatically deployed with redundant Co2 cartridge available for emergency deployment. A New aircraft will be introduced at Sun N Fun so plan to attend the Festivities in Lakeland with the FPNA Family to celebrate this great happening! April 17-23rd in Paradise city booth D-51 and in the Commercial display area N29-30.

October, 2006
"Arrival of New A-22 Valor and A-20 Vista for Dealers in California. The first of many new craft. FPNA is also expecting to release an S-LSA Super Valor A-22S during the first Quarter of 2007. This aircraft will have many new options and will have a heavier gross weight.

April 3, 2006
"Float Planes and Amphibs" Files for Exemption to Allow Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft

"Float Planes and Amphibs" has filed with the FAA for an exemption to allow certification of both Special Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft amphibious aircraft. The petition is now under consideration, docket number tbd.

The petition emphasizes the need for certification of new aircraft that are being delayed by the pending rule. It also emphasizes the need for approval of the amphibious trainers Experimental Light Sport Aircraft from the existing fleet to provide training and transition.

The "Float Planes and Amphibs" line provides aircraft of excellent performance and flexibility of operation that are needed by the community now.

Sun 'n Fun Fly-In - April 17-23, 2007 The 33nd Annual Spring Celebration of Flight! The City of Lakeland and the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport have hosted the Sun ‘n Fun EAA Fly-In for over 30 years.


January 9, 2006
January 12-15 marks the Second Sebring Expo. Moved from October due to a Hurricane threat, This show promises to be wonderful. Weather is great, and lots of exciting aircraft will be on hand. On a separate note, FPNA, is the feature show for Blab T.V. This is for people in the western part of Florida, Channel 21. Plays on Monday night at 1900! Lastly we now have specials which will be good till the end of January!

November 15, 2005
FloatPlanes and Amphibs is moving it operations on the Sebring Airport into the Leza Aircam facilities as ties and relationships are getting Closer. The most recent group of Airplanes is being assembled at the new facility with the training center to open later this year.

November 03, 2005
AOPA expo from November 03-05 at Peter Oknight Airport in Tampa.
http://www.aopa.org/expo/2005/ come out and See our award winning Drifter Aircraft, also a big announcement to be made at the show on Friday November 04, 2004 at 14:00 in the L.A.M.A. Tent! Come one come all!

May 24, 2005 - Ultra-flight radio interviews One of FPNA's own, Shawn Okun, about the award won for Best Built Commercial Aircraft (Ultra light) 2005 at EAA Sun N Fun. This interview was conducted based on the quality of aircraft that FPNA builds and that was recognized by EAA at Sun N Fun 2005. The aircraft was a kit from Leza Aircam and it was a drifter, viewable on this site, and was an amphibious model. It utilized a Rotax 582 with oil injection "E" Gear Box a modified Warp Drive Propeller and Full lotus 12' floats. The interview also discussed leasing opportunities for not only aircraft but equipment leasing as well.

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