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The "Valor" is superbly maneuverable and truly FUN - it will turn on a dime in the air or on the ground. It's very light on the nose-wheel, enabling it to land and take off like a tail-dragger - without all the fancy footwork! Cross-wind capability is quite high. Cruise speed is a genuine 85-90kts, (a true 100 + mph aircraft), with a top cruise speed of 106kts / 122 MPH, and a VNe of 120Kts/ 137 MPH. When you experience the space inside, you'll realize just how cramped the competitors aircraft truly are. The view out of the A22 Valor makes even a helicopter seem claustrophobic and works well for photography as the doors can easily be removed which makes for spectacular photos! Fly with Valor in a Valor!

Click here for the Valor article in Sport Pilot magazine.

Bristol Basic
Flight School Options: Day VFR
Includes: Airframe all metal, Ailerons, Aileron Drooping mechanism (Flaperons), 6 X 6 Aircraft Wheels, Matco Brakes, Control Yokes OR Center Stick with "Y" Controller and "Y" Brake Handle; Luggage storage Area, Adjustable Seats, Compass, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Grand Rapids EIS (or equivalent), Fuel Gauges, Transparent "Bubble Doors", Parachute recovery System Ready, Master Electrical Switch, Master Switch, Rotax 912 UL Engine, ELT, Landing / Taxi light, Warp Drive Prop and Tapered tips, spinner, seatbelts, fabric covering for instrument panel, cloth seat covering, cigarette lighter, choice of paint Color (see options chart for addition charges)

Starting price $US 79,999.00
(Taxes and registration not included) FOB Sebring, Florida
For information contact sales@fpna.com

Flight School Options: Advanced day and night VFR
Includes: Same as the Basic VFR with the Addition of the following; inertial real seatbelts, Carburetor heating, Oil thermostat, Cabin Heat, Nickel leading edge propeller Interior lighting, Nav and Strobe wing-tip lights, Grand Rapids Technologies EFIS with OAT, Fuel Flow, and built in GPS! Complete engine monitoring package, Full battery backup for the GRT EFIS, MicroAir Radio, MicroAir Transponder with Mode "C" (or equivalent)

Additional Options:
Garmin SL-30 or SL-40 Radio
Ram Mount for additional GPS
All wood instrument panel
Skis (for winter flying)
Parachute recovery system

Starting price $US 99,999.00
(Taxes not included) FOB Sebring, Florida
For information contact sales@fpna.com

Flight School Options: Day and Night VFR (Suggested Cockpit)
Includes: Same as Advanced VFR with the Addition of the following Items: Garmin GNS 430, Grand rapids Horizon series EFIS and EIS (or equivalent for both) , Fully redundant Artificial Horizon Fully Redundant Tach, Com Switcher box.

Additional Options:
Stereo com switcher box
All wood Instrument Panel
Larger generator
Skis (for winter flying)

Starting price $US 119,677.00
(Taxes and registration not included) FOB Sebring, Florida
For information contact sales@fpna.com

  • All metal anodized aluminum riveted airframe with Metal Topped wings! ‘Ceconiote’ doped fabric covered control surfaces and part wing. Cowls and wingtips are composite. All fabric is UV-proofed when sealed and painted, giving a projected 20-year life.
  • A N Hardware: Aircraft grade bolts! Easy for repair and familiar to A & P’s world over. Stronger than most LSA aircraft of today.
  • Inertial Reel Seatbelts Made especial for FPNA by Aero-Tuff Seatbelt company, our seat belts are a 4 point, flap release inertial reel Seatbelt for the highest level of SAFETY.
  • Rotax 912ULS (100hp) 4-stroke, liquid cooled power. (912ULS 100 HP Optional) These engines have achieved an enviable reputation for reliability, with a 1,500 time-before-overhaul – about 10-15 years for the average flyer!
  • A spacious and comfortable cockpit - 128cm (50+ inches) wide, 2-seats side-by-side and ADJUSTABLE. Doors are glazed down to the floor, giving a truly 'helicopter-like' view out! Glazed panels behind the cockpit give an almost 360 degree view.
  • Stall speed with flap is a genuine 27kts - as tested by both the PFA in the UK and the DAeC in Germany. Stall characteristics are completely safe - no tendency at all for wing-drop. This means you can safely cruise at 40-45kts close to the ground without worrying about ‘tucking’ under.
  • Dual controls – Dual control Yokes (standard) or single handled centre stick (optional ‘Y’ double handle), hydraulic brakes, dual rudder pedals and throttles, flap lever centrally placed in the roof.
  • Full span ailerons with 10 and 20 degree 'droop' positions, for ultra-short take offs and even shorter landings.
  • High-lift aerofoil section with forward swept wings to give excellent stall and slow speed handling characteristics.
  • Wide tires on wide undercarriage are good for rough and/or soft strips. Centre of gravity is close to the main wheels, so the nose can be kept clear of the ground very easily - there's even a small tail wheel!
  • Finally, the FPNA A22 Valor is BIG FUN to fly - the view out is unbeatable (unless you buy a helicopter!), it turns on a cent both in the air and on the ground, take-off is breathtaking and the good cruise speed means you can take it places. The Very Short Take Off and Landing, (VSTOL) and relaxed flying characteristics of the A22 Valor make it the right alternative for pilots moving on from rag & tube ultra-light aircraft but who still wish to carry on using their small airstrips with confidence. This aircraft will also surprise and delight pilots switching to the Sport/Recreational aircraft category from a more ‘formal’ background in GA aircraft.
There are approx. 300 A22s are currently flying - in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and several other countries, including Australia.

Powerplant 80 hp Rotax-912 (100hp 912S option)
Length, m/ft 6.1/20
Height, m/ft 2.4/7.9
Wingspan, m/ft 10.1/33.2
Wing area, sq. m/sq. ft 13.9/150
Wing loading 6.6 lbs per sq. ft
Power loading 10 lbs per hp
Seats 2
Cabin length m/inches 1.6/61.2 inches
Cabin width m/inches 1.3/50.4 inches
Cabin height m/inches 1.1/46.8 inches
Empty weight, kg/lb 260/575*
Max. Gross weight, kg/lb 544/1,199
Useful load, kg/lb 242/624
Fuel capacity, standard, l/gal 90/23.9
Design Loads +4/-2 (w/150% margins)
*Basic empty weight will vary based on options selected.
Performance: (sea level, gross weight, standard day)
Take off distance, ground roll, m/ft 60/197
Landing distance, ground roll, m/ft 75/250
Rate of climb at sea level, mps/fpm 5/1000
Cruise speed, kph/mph 160/100
Range, km/miles
at speed, kph/mph
Endurance, hrs (rpm) 12/3500
Vne (never exceed), kph/mph 210/137
Vso (stall, landing config) kph/mph 52/32

Delivery times
Delivery of either factory finished or kit aircraft, from date of firm order, is typically 3-6 months, depending on current stock and shipping arrangements.

Color options
The A22 Valor is available in 7 main colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Green, Black.

Other colors are available to special order - please ask us for a quote

Fly-away or kit?
The A22 Valor is available as a ready-to-fly aircraft, Accepted for commercial flight training (S-LSA), or as a quick build kit (a level of E-LSA). E-mail us at
sales@fpna.com’ for more information on building an A22 Valor.

Nav / Strobe Lights $975.00  
ELT $399.00 (Basic ELT inquire about options)
Night Certified Inquire: Rotax 912ULS (100 HP) $2,175.00 (Engine Upgrade)
Airmaster Propeller $8,486.00 (Warp-drive propeller, Nickel leading edges, Globetronics Controller, Airmaster Actuator)
Dynon D-180 EFIS $4,760.00 (includes all Engine indications)
Grand Rapids EFIS (IFR) $7,500.00  
BRS (1340 Soft Pack) $5000.00  
BRS (1640 Soft Pack) Call for pricing
MicroAir Transponder with Mode C $2,575.00 (Standard on Vulcan A-36)
Garmin Mode S Transponder $4,155.00 Installed
Standard Colors NC White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Green, Black
Non-Standard Colors $950.00 (Minimum)
Metallic Paint $1800.00  
Auto Pilot 2 AXIS    
Digi-flight IIG Valor or Viking $6,500.00 Installed GPS tracking
DFS 200 Vulcan $8,500.00 Installed GPS tracking
Artificial Horizon $2,195.00 Installed
Turn coordinator $950.00 Installed
Garmin SL-30 $4,375.00 Installed
Garmin 296 GPS $1,496.00 List price
Garmin 396 GPS $2,496.00 List price
Garmin GNS-430 $8,950.00 Installed
Constant Speed Propeller    
Viking $5,860.00  
Vulcan $11,720.00 (2 Propellers)
Lynx Headset $450.00 Colors:Red, white, blue, green, yellow, black
Special Delivery $4,850.00 Shipping to your door Valor / Cruiser
  $3,500.00 Shipping to your door kit for Valor / Cruiser
F.O.B. Sebring
$12,00.00 Cert. Engine, and Instruments

For more information contact sales@fpna.com

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